Applying For A New Social Security Number

Where To Apply and How You Get It! What If You Have A Bad Credit.. A Joke..

  • Prayer: May God give me another social security number.
  • God: Why you need another SSN?
  • Prayer: God I have a bad credit.
  • God: Ok I’ll give you another number, but you have to do something.
  • Prayer: Thank you God but what I have to do?
  • God: You have to die first.
  • Prayer: And, when you’ll send me back?
  • God: After collecting the bad debt.
  • Prayer: God I didn’t hear about the paid labor in heaven.
  • God: But, you definitely heard about the hell, I’d collect by the punishment.
  • Prayer: God I was just joking, I don’t want a new number and I’ll try to pay my bad debts here and please don’t call me before the clearance certificate. May God please don’t..

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