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Payday, Eh? When you need cash fast in Canada, there's no question! Apply now for up to $1500 today.Payday, Eh? – Online Payday Loans Canada

Payday, Eh? #1 Canadian payday loan provider! Payday Eh offers an easy to qualify for a payday loan up to $1,500 with minimal requirements through out Canada. You can get same day approvals for cash in hours to use it for any purpose you want. In words of PaydayEh; “When you need cash fast, there’s no question. Funds awaiting deposit, your approval required!” Easy to qualify for all the Canadians. Select your province and territory to apply now and get fast extra cash before payday today!

Payday Loan Company Loan Provider Type Loan Location Application
Payday Eh Broker Through out Canada, see the website for more details. Online


Payday loans and cash advance service.


Emergency cash requirement.

How it works?

Apply through secure online application, receive a call or email for your ID confirmation and further information to complete the loan process.

How much does it cost?

When you apply for a payday loan, all applicable fees are stated in the loan agreement. Above all your payday loan rates have been protected by maximum charges set by your provinces and territories. That’s why there is nothing to be worried about because it will not cross its maximum limit. Moreover, you are also advised, please don’t forget to ask or see pricing to learn more about the Payday Eh Canada rates and fees associated with a payday loan when applying for a loan.

What are the Loan Application Requirements?

  • Have an active bank account
  • Must be 18 years old or above
  • Must be a Canadian Resident
  • For more information please see terms and conditions

(Identification required by this Canada cash provider; Personal details, employment history and banking information.)

What are the Advantages of payday loans applying through PaydayEh?

These Are some of the benefits of Payday Loans you may enjoy getting here; Same day approval, secure online applications, cash in hours. Payday loan service is easy, quick and minimal requirements.

  1. Same day approvals for cash in hours
  2. Easy to qualify for all Canadians
  3. Use your cash for anything
  4. Minimal requirements = Fast approval
  5. Secure online application form and total privacy

(Employment Type: Full time employed, self-employed, pension, disability benefits and unemployed.)

What are the Disadvantages of payday loans applying through PaydayEh?

PaydayEh provides limited amount of information on it’s website. That’s why you have to apply for your loan first to obtain loan charges, APR and fees if applicable.

What are the Restrictions you may face applying through PaydayEh?

Although applying for payday loans online provides quite easy without any fuss and are perfect chance of getting a quick cash advance having all types of credit history that don’t mostly hold any restrictions on consumers but some times its availability can bound you; There are not any kind of restricted statement found on the PaydayEh website in relation to credit rating, minimum loan amount, difference in treatment between first time borrower or a repeat customers and regional availability of their service. Please see the website for terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

See the PaydayEh website for details.

Loan Amount Loan Term Min Term Max Term APR Secured / Unsecured
$100 to $1,500 Short term Loan till payday Ask on application Ask on application Unsecured loan

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