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Creating an Energy Smart Home

Treat your house as an energy system, with many parts working together. Unfortunately, lots of houses don’t work very efficiently.  Lower utility bills, improved comfort and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. These are the benefits that an energy-efficient home provides. While many energy efficiency decisions are made during the construction of your home, there are several ways you can reduce your energy costs.  The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) provides some insights into making your home more energy smart:

Air Conditioning
Air conditioners, especially individual unit models, are often a home’s largest electricity user. The best way to lower energy use for air conditioning is to reduce the need for it. The “green” building movement promotes several cost-saving ways of cooling a home, including the use of drapes and curtains to control the amount of solar radiation entering a home, as well as the use of plants for shading it.

Building Envelope
Tightening the Thermal Envelope! A house’s thermal envelope includes every item that separates the inside from the outside that may consist its roof, walls, floors, windows and doors. A house leakage makes it not even drafty but uncomfortable too, and in other words it lets precious energy dollars escape. Older homes are more likely to lose heat through the building envelope than newer ones. There are, however, cost-effective ways of reducing heat loss in older buildings. For example, applying weather-stripping and caulking around windows and doorways reduces infiltration. Adding more insulation will also improve the efficiency of the building envelope. You can install most of these energy-saving improvements at low cost with materials available from any hardware store. This approach means a substantial investment but the resulting savings are large.

Lighting accounts for 15 per cent of all energy consumed in a residence. A cost-effective way of decreasing such costs, without compromising safety, is to replace incandescent with fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights produce four times as much light per watt, last ten times longer, and cost one-third as much to operate.

Heating and Ventilation
Depending on location and type of fuel used, heating can be the largest component of energy use in your home. When deciding whether replacing an old furnace with a new high efficiency model is worth the capital investment, a life cycle cost analysis must be made.

Efficient Appliances
Choosing High Efficiency Appliances! Replacing old appliances with more energy efficient ones should be decided on the basis of a life cycle cost analysis. When it’s time to retire an old appliance, you can typically replace it with a new model that uses only half the energy. According to CMHC, replacing the typical outdated refrigerator will pay for itself in six years; that is in half or less than the expected life of the refrigerator. Become a energy-smart consumer to shop for efficiency and financial advantages.

Hot Water Systems
Hot water systems can account for 15 per cent of total residential energy use. The most cost-effective way to decrease this energy use is to install energy efficient flow controls in showers and sinks, which reduce the volume of water without reducing water pressure.

Creating and building an energy smart home has become a great necessity in these days; you could not even save great amount of money over your monthly expenses and utility bills by improving and maintaining your home but also increase the value of your property.

Financing Home Renovations and Home Improvements

Spring Renovations in Canada!

First quarter of the year is always a busiest time in relation to planning in Canada. There are various things, which need to be work out due to the upcoming weather warming. Beside flowers planting, family picnics, outdoor and indoor social activities there is a most common thing among lot of us is the home renovation, yes this really a biggest task in relation to its importance but hard enough, money-wise you know, thinking about the expenses really seem that blood is shrinking out of the vain but when its done it also felt that new blood with more quantity and energy have replaced with the older one. Yes its felt like having satisfaction looking at the other things like a piece of cake that will be done enjoying the colorful, fragrant and full of life which brings spring for us. Wishing a happy spring to all of you.

Home renovation plans vary with property to property and its condition, smaller to larger projects. Now you need to establish a clear idea about your home improvement by yourself or hire some construction and renovation professional to find out the improvement requirement and the expenses needed, so that you could manage and decide about how you will pay for this. Ideally, you should be ready with your ready to do plans before arrival of the warm weather to go into action your spring renovation to complete earlier, a well planned home renovation give you satisfaction and enjoying your home while increase and maintain its equity, that equity boost can be use to pay to refinance your mortgage, that allows you to get even the very best borrowing rates by using the equity in your home.

There are certain options of money management other than your own savings. A mortgage refinance will allow you to spread your payments over a longer period of time than with a line of credit. Moreover, this may be the best time for you to consolidate variety of high interest borrowings like your credit cards, personal loan, monthly car payments, etc., while applying for your mortgage refinancing. Ask for your mortgage consultant about your financing needs, he’ll guide you the best way to secure your additional mortgage funding that may be helpful for you in your money savings.

Remember, put your plans to work as soon as possible to get rid of the expenses hike and time delay, because you know the increased demand in the construction industry could increase in expenses, shortage of the raw materials and labor beside banking sector could take more days to approve your mortgage refinance application because of the increased loan applicants.

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