Buying A New Car Or Repairing An Old One! What Makes Sense During Troubled Time

Summer always made skill labour shortage in Canada in relation to consumer direct response for domestic, household or business, because the majority of people are busy doing their repairing and improvement work to their homes, offices, factories, machinery, buildings, fittings, fixtures, etc., although this car repairing goes all the year because we can’t afford to stay without the transport to run our daily life most importantly we need cars to get to and from our work. But this summer brings this car repairing to extra boost in relation to its normal practice. Automobile garages have seen a rise in business over the past few months due to this car repair phenomenon that brings the fact to enlighten, that this car repair business might be one of the few businesses that are recession-proof.

According to a recent U.S. based survey prompted by AAMCO Dealers Association based on their study findings that “consumers clearly prefer maintaining and repairing their cars rather than buying new ones” (Reuters). It further states, “buying a new car is a major investment but it doesn’t seem to be a better option at this time for some consumers because of the troubled economy and uncertainty in the job market” (Reuters). For most consumers, repairing an existing vehicle is a much better option to afford during this global economic turndown because it requires fewer expenses than purchasing a new one.

Making necessary amendments, adjustments and repairing to existing automobiles makes a lot of sense during these tuff times. Canadian consumers are bringing their used cars to repair centers rather than purchasing new ones. Although car financing gives options of saving and affordability for some consumers car repair financing is a better solution. The good news is that some private lenders are now issuing car repair loans in Canada that prove to be lifesaving in this economy.

Most of the consumers’ take these Auto Repair Loans are typically for:

  • Emergency repairs and accidents.
  • Last-minute repairs such as brakes, exhaust, suspension parts and more.
  • New tires purchase to keep your car safer on the road.
  • Necessary repairs, alterations and improvements to your car’s engine, transmission or else.

Car repair loans do not require good credit history, even having a bad credit history brings you more than 50% of your car’s value in your hands most probably the same day you apply, though they do often require car ownership. Anyway, car repair financing looks to be a much wiser solution to an ageing car problem. This doesn’t also mean that you can only get financing for your car’s repair but you can get repairing opportunity on your all sort of automobiles like trucks, buses, yachts, mobile homes and etc.

More consumers are neglecting to purchase new cars. Instead, consumers are attempting to save money by repairing ageing cars. Lack of cash flow now can’t turn you down because repairing one’s car is an all-around better option by paying less cash you can afford or adopt the unique car repair loans or car repair financing option against your used and old automobile without paying a single dime. These repairs loans are flexible and repayment can be based on your preferred payment schedule and payment amounts. Repayment is done by pre-authorized debit to your existing bank account. No need to run around paying bills and carrying cash.

My car parking lot consists of eleven cars from my neighbourhood, from last few years it doesn’t exchange with the new car, as usual, believe me, from last three years only two new cars were added up, one was financed and other was purchased for cash. Last Sunday Uncle Tom, my neighbour teased me while looking at my vehicle “oh still you are driving an old one” I replied yeah because I don’t think painting a different colour will make a sense for me, yes I know you got your old car with a new colour that your car company has announced for its upcoming new model which you have changed in advance, it’s a smart move but you still hold an old one! he replied nothing but “Oo oh hh yeah hh” while keep looking at his own car. ????

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