Gas Price Is Expected To Rise Upto $1.50 Per Litre This Summer

According to Jason Toews, co-founder of, this summer will turn miserable for most of the people across the country in relation to the rising gas prices that are expected to reach between C$1.40 to C$1.50 per litre. This highest ever possibility of 25 percent increase from the last average rate of gasoline throughout Canada is an alarming situation, where the prevailing average rate of C$1.20 been already in discussion among various groups as an injustice and a burden to society. Looking up the upside price trend of petroleum products internationally it seems that the probability did come out by combining hard facts and figures around us and above all, there is definitely something more serious that has devalued our dollar value to a quarter part without changing its face value and exchange rate with the other currencies at all, that means everyone is suffering not even in Canada but throughout the world.

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