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How to pay for car repairs with no money? 

You can apply an auto repair financing program that will save you paying a large payment to your mechanic. You’ll get an easy-to-follow payment plan.

How does a car repair loan work? 

A car repair loan is a personal loan, an installment loan that you can pay off expensive car repairs in installments in which you spread out your payments over time.  

What other expenses car repair loan cover?




Cosmetic Improvements

General Maintenance

Overall Safety Improvement


Accident & Damage Repairs


General Maintenance Costs

It includes inspection, service, replacement, rustproofing, patching and changing of oil, coolant, parts, tires, batteries, air conditioning, and heating.


Cosmetic Improvements

Car cosmetic damage protection doesn’t impact the car’s integrity or ability to drive. Cosmetic repair could include custom additions and other small imperfections.


Overall Safety Improvement

Car safety improvement starts with the basic improvements of airbags and seat-belts to overall safety requirements to make sure your smooth and safe drive.


Accident & Damage Repairs

Car accident and damage repairs include at least everything from general bodywork to repair and replace that make your car ready to drive safe and smooth on road.


Back on Road

Car repair loan can bring your large repair cost into affordable easy-to-follow payment plan. Enjoy safe and happy driving. 

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