2 thoughts on “Canadian Payday Loans For People On Benefits

  • Adam Wallington

    Can I get a short term loan of $500 even if I am unemployed? I am on disability and receive $1200.00 monthly. I tried to fill out an application but as soon as I submitted it, it took me to another website.

    • Hi Adam

      Thanks for your inquiry, first of all; eLoan Canada is not a lender but an internet marketing and affiliate site that offers promotions, resources, financial news and a directory related to the Canadian personal financial market. Short term loans like payday loans and cash advances are offered to employees and salaried class. Although payday loans are not being offered to the people on benefits some non-traditional payday lenders may grant you one while combining your benefits and salary but generally it’s difficult to get a payday loan on benefits in Canada.

      Thanks again


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