Applying For A New Social Insurance Number

Can you get a new SIN number? A new Social Insurance Number is a complex affair. You can ask for a new SIN only if you can prove that your SIN was used fraudulently or being used in identity theft. However, getting a new SIN will not necessarily protect you from fraud or identity theft. If someone else uses your old SIN as identification and the business does not check the person’s identity with the credit bureau, credit lenders may still ask you to pay the impostor’s debts. Each time, you will have to prove that you were not involved in the fraud. For more information about the new SIN and to apply you may visit your nearest Service Canada Centre.

Where To Apply and How You Get It! What If You Have A Bad Credit… A Financial Joke…

  • Prayer: May God give me another social insurance number.
  • God: Why you need another one?
  • Prayer: God I have a bad credit.
  • God: Ok I’ll give you another number, but you have to do something.
  • Prayer: Thank you God but what I have to do?
  • God: You have to die first.
  • Prayer: And, when you’ll send me back?
  • God: After collecting the bad debt.
  • Prayer: God I didn’t hear about the paid labor in heaven.
  • God: But, you definitely heard about the hell, I’d collect by the punishment.
  • Prayer: God I was just joking, I don’t want a new number and I’ll try to pay my bad debts here and please don’t call me until I don’t return back to my good credit rating. May God please don’t…

The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a 9 digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits, in much the same way that the Social Security Number (SSN) has in the United States.

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