Car Title Loan Canada – Borrow Using Your Vehicle

Get a quick car title loan Canada against the value of your car while keep driving your car!

Need cash for an auto repair, credit bills, medical expenses, home improvements, dream vacations or cash for any purpose without showing any credit profile? An auto title loan is the right solution to get the money in hours! As an online car title loan’s availability, loan application has become so fast and easy from the comfort of your home or office. There are no lines to wait in, no embarrassment. As your loan is based on your car’s value, even folks with poor credit may qualify. You may borrow up to 70% of the wholesale value of your car even with poor or bad credit.

What is a Title Loan?

A title loan is simply used for an auto title loan that may consist of your car, truck or vehicle where one of these titles is used as collateral to obtain the loan.

A car title loan Canada is a personal asset-based loan that does not require submitting any credit profile that’s why most of the loan applicants who take an advantage of getting this credit facility may have financial instability like having bad credit, poor credit or even no credit history at all. A car title loan is a secured personal loan that makes the lender’s investment safer that’s why this kind of loan holds usually low-interest rate than other regular loans offered as unsecured personal loans.

A Car Title Loans May or May Not Be the Right Loan For You

Like every personal loan, a car title loan also holds both voices either in its favour or not. One of the great problem what everyone is facing is the repayment, what will happen if we could not repay our loan back, infect we will lose the money or asset and certainly there are the cases in which few people definitely have gone through default and end up losing their vehicles. On the other hand car title loan is not a short-term, high-interest loan product like a payday loan or cash advances but it is developed with the same principles of regular personal loans that offer you low rates, more time and liberty over your repayments. Moreover, you can get car title loans within less than 24 hours after approval and having bad credit doesn’t even hold your approval. But as a loan is a loan and we should save ourselves while enjoying our timely expenses to cover up with taking up the loan while staying in our budgets and managing it, we should know how much we can afford in our additional payments from our savings that we could easily payoff for the certain duration. Before applying for a car title loan, you should carefully consider what is looking to be the best solution for your financial needs; do you afford it? Moreover, before applying for your car title loan, you should carefully review the terms and conditions of the loan and don’t hesitate to ask your loan officer where something you feel is missing or unclear.

What Does Car Title Loan Canada Offer?

Car Title Loan Canada Offers

  • Personal Loans for people with bad credit, good or no credit history.
  • Fast Cash Advances; an economical and long term alternate to payday loan.
  • Consolidation Loans; debt consolidation loan without owning a home.
  • Vehicle Repair Loans; emergency car, truck or any automobile repair and maintenance.
  • Home Renovations, Home Improvement Loans, Medical Expenses, Education and Student Loans and what ever reason you may have.

What Are The Requirements of a Car Title Loan in Canada?

Car Title Loan Canada Requirements

  • Your car is less than 8 years old and has not traveled more than 200,000 kilometers.
  • Your car should have a clear title, no leased vehicle or an outstanding loan.
  • You must own the vehicle in your custody.
  • Your car or vehicle must be fully insured, including collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • You must have a steady income.

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